Welcome to Micky Alberta and friends

Welcome to Micky’s blog. I started this to share what my friends and I are up to in various places around the world. We all love to travel and sometimes we meet up to collaborate on a post or hang out together.

Some are writing: Diana Devine is the romance queen, Sara Stanley writes for kids and lilian darke does the horror tales. They mean to share their stories and articles on this blog and through links to other sites.

Diana doesn’t write Harlequin-type novels. She gets an idea or sees an event and pops out a short romance. I asked her, could she really get a romance out of any situation and she said, certainly. So I told her about breaking my thumb playing that stupid broomball game, and challenged her to get a story from it.

You’ll relate to lili maureen  if you’re a fan of Halloween or all things marvelously macabre. She’s been collecting creepy songs and scary stories for centuries. She loves to spend the occasional Halloween season in Canada…she finds it a refreshing change from her home in eastern Europe. Last year she traveled around some of her old haunts in European capitals. Evening is the best time to drop in on her; she’ll just be waking up.

Aunt Agatha tells stories and sings songs especially for kids, and likes to remember all the holidays in the year. She’ll keep posting new stories on her page for the little ones.

Marina’s traveling around busking, and recording songs when she finds a quiet place. She finished researching copyright laws, which differ from country to country, and got her jazz CD out for digital download September 2013. In 2014 she added three more CDs to the lineup on CD Baby. Now that’s done and she’s busy telling about folk songs and the stories of their origins. Different countries are linked in amazing ways by their folk music. Marina is cyber-busking songs you can hear right on the blog. In 2015 she finished recording Junior Jazz, traditional kids’ songs in swing style.

Sara Stanley writes stories for younger readers of all ages.

Me, I take pictures and I love holidays, parties, celebrations and anything that breaks up the routine. My posts aren’t exactly about constant travel; I like to stay and work for a while to see how the other half does it. How can you understand how the local people live if you don’t hang around and do it like they do?

In May 2013 I went to Ireland for the first time. Met a poor soul hunched over her pint in a pub, looking like the end of the world. At first she was too broken up to talk about what had happened…later, she sent me her journalized story. Micky


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