Marina: Cyber-Busking

After ages of recording, research and jumping through hoops, I’m beat by the complications of international copyright law. I can’t put my jazz cover CD on the internet, even streaming. It means paying royalties not once, but in every country where I travel so the cover CDs are back-burnered until I stay in one place. But this site is more about sharing music, which is the real spirit of busking.

I look for beautiful, interesting and historic public domain melodies, some of them likely centuries old, and they will appear on this site to hear or download. I’ll keep busking jazz, blues and contemporary songs but older melodies can legally be used here.

To be in the public domain, all the song’s composers must have been dead fifty years. And that’s Canada; the U.S.A. has different laws. You’d be surprised how many “oldies” are still under copyright.

Here’s one that isn’t—it goes back to 15th Century France. What could be more Canadian than a voyageur song? My country began with the fur trade. Think of a country getting started because felt hats were the fashion in Europe…

Visit the Isle of Skye in northern Scotland for an old folk song of a vanquished prince.

London is where we imagine an old-fashioned Charles Dickens Christmas.

The Christmas season feast of the Three Kings on January 6 is the big thing in Barcelona.

The simple tune of Chairs to Mend makes a good two or three part round. Advertising was a lot cheaper in olden days.

I haven’t got to Scarborough in Yorkshire yet, but I can imagine that famous fair where I am cyber-busking the song popularized by Simon and Garfunkel in the sixties.

I don’t know if I’ll get to Ireland this year, so I’m cyber-busking with an Irish folk song.



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