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MARINA: Junior Jazz: Swinging Kid Classics

This CD is available from Bandcamp. You can hear one song in the lineup below. I’ve done children’s classics in jazz and swing style for the little ones, aged maybe four to eight. Or the perennially young at heart.

Boilin’ Cabbage Down  an American folk song: hoecakes and cabbage soup for breakfast!

A-Hunting We Will Go     Pick an animal and make it rhyme.

 I Wish I Was  


 Step Back Baby   A pretty good hat and cane dance number

Moses and Joshua    Two characters from the bible hang together here

Old Hogan’s Goat   has many versions from different countries; it’s a good echo song

Raise A Ruckus    make some needed noise!

The Fox      a traditional folk song dating from the 15th century; the fox wins!

This Old Man      a traditional English folk song whose origins are unknown

Father William     from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Aiken Drum       I had some fun with the lyrics and the rhyme

Hill and Gully Rider     Caribbean boating folk song; ride up and down on the waves

My Grandfather’s Clock by American composer Henry Clay Work. The clock lived exactly as long as Grandfather. This is said to be a true story, whoooo!

Mango Walk  The number elevens are the best-graded mangoes and so most worth stealing.

Mama Paquita   traditional Brazilian carnival song; we’ve no money, but we can still party!

La Cucaracha: originated from the Mexican Civil War. The cockroach gets in trouble.

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