San Sebastián and Pintxos



Back in San Sebastián and looking for pintxos! From my hostel near the train station I walk myself along the river to the Old City where you make the rounds, order a short beer or wine and a pinxto in any of dozens of bars lining the streets.

I treat myself to more than one pre-birthday pintxo feast, each savory, generous tidbit washed down with good Basque red wine: red peppers stuffed with cod and drowned in tomato sauce, meat salads piled on slices of crusty baguette, brochettes of pork and bacon and pimento, redolent of garlic; fluffy mushroom soufflé; sardine, cod and chopped vegetables on crusty bread…it goes on and on and you just keep picking, this one, yes that one looks good and oh, just one more of those, until you are done. I’ve never been a foodie but if I were, this Basque capital of Donostia would rate consideration for seriously lengthy visits.

It isn’t just the food that attracts visitors. Donostia has a spectacular port and three beaches, one especially dedicated to surfing. It’s on the route of the famous pilgrim walk, Santiago de Compostela; as you sit on the beach enjoying the sun and brilliant blues of sea and sky, you will note a constant stream of walkers with day packs and serious footwear.

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